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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2022

Boucherle Pick: ThreatExtinguisher Mobile Security

ThreatExtinguisher Mobile is the latest innovation of one of my favorite technologies for security. It enables anyone, anytime and now anywhere, two things when faced with a potentially lethal criminal act. 1) Allows you, and this includes children (think classroom or home defense), nonlethal protection to disable an attacker with military-grade pepper gel with a range of 20 feet with virtually no training; 2) It immediately communicates that an attack is underway in a specific location. It’s duress protection on steroids.

The Mobile innovation with cellular connectivity and GPS location data sends alerts and location when the unit is removed from its base. Protecting people and children in transit is now possible with a proven tool. Think Uber or Lyft or pizza delivery drivers, commercial trucking, mobile manned security patrols, your service, inspection and maintenance teams or your key employees. Protect yourself when you are in transit! Precise GPS location of the activated Threat Extinguisher Mobile unit includes both a satellite and street view of the location where it was activated.

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