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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2022

Boucherle Pick: HiveWatch Virtual GSOC

vGSOC is the brainchild of Ryan Schonfeld, who rethought how security operational awareness could be made available to a wider group of customers needing a GSOC operation but without the budget for the complexity, staffing and technology of a traditional GSOC site. Think of it as “GSOC as a service” that is affordable, scalable and flexible to provide SMB customers situational awareness as they grow their businesses. Ryan explained to me that early adopters are typically startup companies funded by venture capitalists that need to “punch above their weight class” while dedicating capital funds for growth.

This solution is brilliantly innovative and cost-effective and can scale with a client’s growth and needs while delivering customized services. Rather than locking a customer into legacy solutions, it can migrate and evolve around changing needs, being a software-based solution and manned by professionals. As a company grows and when they are ready, this solution can help them transition into their own manned GSOC, without disrupting operation procedures or creating security gaps in a transition. I like this new business model.

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