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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2022

Boucherle Pick: iDter Intelligent Deterrence Nodes

iDter innovated a simple, practical solution, Nio Guardians, packed with technology that is easily installed for SMB, smart home and DIY applications. It provides a self-contained complete security solution with motion-based lighting, smart video options and notifi cations that uses camera-based intelligence to automatically detect and actively deter unwanted intrusions within seconds. NDAA compliant with 4K resolution, multiple motion detectors, 10K of lumens, microphone and speaker, the product delivers real-time responses to deter thefts and nefarious criminal activity before it gets ugly.

The red/blue strobe lights provide psychological deterrence as well as visual location information vital to first responders. “Voice of God” loudspeaker messages help startle intruders so they make better decisions. Having the ability to program those messages, iOS and Android capabilities add to the simplicity along with very simple installation parameters. Want it monitored? UL central station support is provided for those that travel extensively.

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