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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2022

Boucherle Pick: Knightscope Stationary Robot

Knightscope’s K1 Hemisphere autonomous robot is an advanced stationary robot technology that enhances physical security operations with advanced capabilities and more significantly with a new business case model. Security as a service has been bantered about for years, but how do you gain traction with this important concept? Touring robotic sentries loaded with reporting technologies is one way to address the challenges of manned security augmented costs. They made this unit to be stationary at key security points like lobbies, ATMs, truck stops, loading docks, ports, rail systems, schools and campuses.

The Hemisphere includes the majority of Knightscope capabilities many clients already enjoy today, but in a much more compact size and affordable subscription price. It has three cameras providing 180°, eye-level, high-definition video; a strobe light; automatic license plate recognition; facial recognition; automated broadcast announcements; and intercom capability, all running fully encrypted on a 4G or 5G wireless network.

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