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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2017

Boucherle’s Pick: Thermal Radar Perimeter Protection

Hydra by Thermal Radar is a great example of identifying an old problem and solving it by combining different technologies into a single package. Outdoor intrusion detection under varying weather and lighting conditions has always been a mind pretzel for security consultants and systems integrators.

Add in very large coverage areas and the budget can get astronomical, or your security design has significant holes you could literally drive a truck through. Situational awareness means I can see threats as they evolve and react faster to the situation with appropriate measures. Hydra has a claimed coverage of 850,000 square meters every 2 seconds. Big area and fast reporting … I like! Combining 360° thermal intrusion detection and targeted surveillance with analytics at the edge of an IR Starlight pan/tilt/zoom and you have a new tool for protecting perimeters and large storage yards efficiently with fewer people.

With 500 yards of 30x video zoom and IR coverage, you have flexibility in your security design considerations while optimizing your customer’s security budget. Great flexibility in selecting areas of interest and exclusion zones allows customization for every project.

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