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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2017

Boucherle’s Pick: Hamilton Safe Pharmacy Cabinet

Coming from Youngstown, Ohio, steel is in my blood, so the high quality, innovation and customization offered by Hamilton Safe was a safe choice (pun intended). The epidemic trends in opiate abuse increases risks to pharmacies and their personnel.

Did you know that the average attack time on a pharmacy burglary is only 3.5 minutes? The ability to store schedule 2 & 3 inventories safely, securely and yet provide convenient operational availability is crucial. The new Pharmacy Safe is built strong with the attack resistance you would expect and yet small enough to fit into standardized pharmacy cabinet space.

Made in the USA, the UL-Listed unit comes standard with the SecuRam ProLogic L22 interface with time/date audit capability that is built into the lock screen. With two management codes and 28 user codes, access can be effectively managed. The lock mechanism can cycle 5,000+ times on the 9V battery, which sends out a health check signal before it needs to be replaced.

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