Brivo Jumping Into More Mobile, AI, Facial Recognition at GSX 2023

Company will rely on its investment from SECOM to expand its product portfolio into new vertical markets in new ways.

There are plenty of reasons to stop by booth 3925 during GSX 2023 in Dallas. Mary Clark, chief marketing officer for Brivo, talks about a few of them.

What’s the top product or offering that you’re showing off at GSX 2023? What makes it unique or special from both security integrator and user perspectives?

It’s definitely going to be the employee badge in the mobile Apple wallet, for sure. This has been something that we really fully launched earlier in Q2 and it’s something that we’re seeing a great deal of pickup and interest in in the market.

So much of all of our lives is already on mobile, so this is a really natural thing for both the integrator to pursue to their end users as well as for the buyers. Because, you know, if it’s in my phone, I’m going to use it more than I’m going to use almost anything else, because it’s virtually attached to me so very much, we will continue to promote the employee badge and NFC and the Apple Wallet. So we’re really excited about that.

What are some other products and offerings that will be in your booth that you you’d like to highlight and what are some qualities there that differentiate them in the marketplace?

Sure, we’re going to be previewing the Brivo Door Station. It’s going to function like a reader very much, but it is going to have a built-in camera so that it’s going to give you a clear video of every axis event right as it occurs, which I think is a critical component to the reader and to the buyer.

And we’ll use that down the road. We will use authentication, utilizing the facial recognition. So we use a little AI in that for some facial recognition that’ll match to the employee badge photo. So, as we go forward and continue to develop this product and get it out into the market, we’ll continue to refine it and add things like video intercom and other functions.

But it’s going to be easy and convenient and quick access for someone looking to just simply walk towards the door and be able to get right in and have that be as seamless without having to get anything out of your pocket, purse or bag.

You’re going to be able to get in and we’re excited about this. This will be something that we preview in the booth and start showing folks and look for more towards Q4 of this year or Q1 of 2024.

Is there anything else new or noteworthy about the company as 2023 closes out?

This year has really been an important year for Brivo. We were fortunate to receive an investment from SECOM out of Japan, one of the largest security companies in the world. They’ve invested in Brivo and we’re really thrilled with the opportunity that we can take that investment and continue to expand internationally to expand our current product portfolio and invest more in sales and more in marketing.

It’s just helping that growth of in our land and expand approach that we’ve been taking and been successful at so far. So we’re really thrilled with this investment and our new partners in SECOM so that’ll be something that really changes and gives us some more opportunity to expand what else do these buyers need out there? What does that security professional in the market need regardless of the segment that they’re in?

This is a real new sort of opportunity for us to really drive and grow the business, so this is a huge deal for us and as we go forward. We’ll see that investment I think really takes shape into some interesting and cool stuff for tomorrow.

What would you say is Brivo’s overall value proposition to security dealers and integrators? And why would you say that should partner with your company?

I have a tech background for all of my career, and it really does continue to be sort of the last frontier of the world of structure and buildings moving to the cloud. And Brivo, having been built in native as a cloud-based access control system were both an incredibly easier organization to work with, from a dealer point of view, in order to really expand and grow quickly, their revenue opportunity and their market across everything from the commercial security business to enterprise to multifamily to vacation rental.

And, as we look even further down into the sub-verticals of education, and K through 12 world and healthcare, there’s so much and then, when you extend it all the way out to logistics, we are applicable in every single building.

That’s been something that has been reflected back to us as so incredibly valuable from our integrator community as well as to that buyer. So, as those buyers and enterprise continued to figure out, how do they go forward and through digital transformation for their security, as low as well as to look to cut costs, Brivo, as a native cloud-based access control company, is really the right place to start.

It is the foundational aspect of security when you’re thinking of the physical component. So that’s very much where we see ourselves. And we’ll continue to grow and serve the enterprise market as we continue to expand our feature set and further into the multifamily.

What are some of the top opportunities for Brivo in the marketplace and some of the challenges in 2024?

We did a trends report. This was our fifth that we put into the market, in the beginning of this year. And one of the biggest challenges that came back as identified is two things: the buyer out there, the security professional looking to buy access, control, and buy physical security related solutions, is really trying to navigate a whole bunch of different providers for a whole bunch of different things.

There’s a very diffused nature of, “okay, I need this, I need this, I need this, I need this, well, that means I need to have four different providers for that.” We see an opportunity to help that buyer, condense that into perhaps something that’s a little bit more straightforward to use, plug-and-play.

So as we set our sights towards the future, and look about 2024 and 2025, and think about how do we make it easier and more cost-efficient, which I think is going to be the biggest buying decision factor is how are we delivering on cost savings to that security professional buyer, that’s going to be something that we focus on is how do we make all those decisions about what you need easier?

And then that has a flip side value to it, which is it also makes it easier for the integrator because then they’re not in this position of, I need to have, you know, five different sources for this solution and other three for this solution.

And it gives them a much more focused way to go to market, which also helps them reduce what they need to know, you know, they’re already challenged, making sure they have enough technicians. They need to have people on the street being able to input and install what’s needed. They need to have a simpler portfolio, if you will, to be taking to market.

So, I think we’re going to really be looking at that combination of benefits. And in the coming year, certainly in 2024 as we go forward.

Is there anything else that you wanted to communicate ahead of GSX?

The level of sophistication that’s coming into the marketplace because of technology like mobile. As we go towards a younger and younger generation of buyers in the market, we’re going to have to all think more nimbly about what is the solution that we’re providing and how easy can we make it while still delivering on the safety and security.

So, AI continues to be that big buzzword so I’ll be interested to hear where exactly are we seeing AI being applied? And, you know, is it really AI? Is it just more automation? Is it more simplified functionality? And that’s fine, too.

What is needed is more simple solutions, perhaps for some complex problems that these buyers are trying to solve. So, looking forward to seeing what happens with AI, it’s certainly a very important question for us to answer that we’re trying to figure out what’s the best thing we can be doing with it?

That’s going to deliver a differentiated value to the buyer and to the integrator. So we’re certainly looking for that interest. You know that the answer that question, if you will. So I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in the market as we go forward.

But I think that’ll be sort of the next really interesting question. Is it real? Is that there? We know we need it and we’re working on it. We’re heavily invested in it. What is the rest of the industry doing? So that’ll be the question I’m looking forward to seeing answered for sure.

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