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Read: Checking Your Contacts List

Checking Your Contacts List

One of the most basic elements of an intrusion system is the alarm contact or switch used to secure doors, windows and other building openings. Although ubiquitous and not overly complex, alarm contacts nonetheless require the utmost attention to ensure proper alarm system operations.

Read: Clamping Down on Lightning

Clamping Down on Lightning

Smart security practitioners know better than to ever underestimate the power of Mother Nature. That includes lightning strikes, which can wreak havoc for systems unless they are properly grounded and equipped with surge protection.

Read: Start With Smart, Win With Wisdom

Start With Smart, Win With Wisdom

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of security systems installations gone wrong – sometimes with devastating and fatal consequences. Two in particular serve as departure points to review critical practices and grasp why wisdom trumps smarts.

Read: New Test Devices Help You Make the Grade

New Test Devices Help You Make the Grade

HD-SDI: The Hidden HD Technology

While discussion regarding high definition surveillance video has overwhelmingly centered around IP connectivity, there is an alternative. HDcctv, an HD-SDI-based open industrial standard for transmitting uncompressed digital video over point-to-point coax links, offers advantages depending on the application.

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Read: Wising Up About Intelligent Buildings

Wising Up About Intelligent Buildings

Technological advancements in communication protocols and transmission methods are allowing building systems to achieve connectivity and functionality like never before. Learn how to provide clients with total system solutions that optimize the capabilities of security as well as its value proposition.

Read: 30 Products Score Perfect 10s

30 Products Score Perfect 10s

No disrespect to Bo Derrick, the most famous “10” of all, but SSI‘s 2012 Top Technology Innovations are just as well equipped in all the right places. Whether it’s the latest in video, access, detection or breakthroughs in wireless, thermal or cloud technology, our tech experts have it covered. See which products made the cut and why.

Read: Making Systems More User-Friendly

Making Systems More User-Friendly

The Internet is often the first place industry professionals go today to find the latest news and information, particularly when it comes to security products. And yet there are still so many Web sites that miss the mark in terms of what they offer installing security contractors. Find out what to look for along with some of fellow readers’ favorite sites.

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