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End users, particularly at the corporate security director/manager level, continue to better understand, embrace and demand advanced technological solutions ...

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End users, particularly at the corporate security director/manager level, continue to better understand, embrace and demand advanced technological solutions. This places the onus on installing security contractors and consultants to challenge themselves to keep pace.

To help this process along and cultivate superior communications, in 2005 Security Sales & Integration launched the Corporate End-User Study (see At a Glance box for methodology). The results of that research proved useful not only in providing security contractors with a profile of the typical high-level end user and the organization they represent, but also for the end users themselves to see where they stand among their peers.

As the following data and analysis from the 2006 SSI Corporate End-User Study indicates, corporate security directors/ managers are highly experienced, well educated and carry a lot of decision-making authority within their organizations. The most exciting findings are that most intend to increase their security and the majority are pleased with their security services provider.

To view the study in its entirety, click to view.

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