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The CardTech/SecurTech show at the Miami Convention Center from May 2-4 was an eye-opener for dealers and systems integrators in attendance. The show floor was crowded with high-tech companies, such as Microsoft®, Unisys, GemPlus and ActivCard.

The technology on display focused on smart cards, biometrics and software that will enable systems integrators to easily merge various technologies into a turnkey security system. For example, software will allow an integrator to combine photo ID badging on a proximity card, with a smart chip and one or more biometric safeguards. The Internet is a big driver of these technologies.

Currently, investment brokers and banks have no way of verifying a person’s identity beyond a PIN. If that PIN is stolen, then a criminal can withdraw money electronically over the Internet from the victim’s account. However, if the PIN is combined with voice recognition, for instance, the potential for electronic theft is minimized.

The International Biometrics Industry Association announced that 80 ATMs in Phoenix have recently been equipped with facial recognition systems, iris scans or fingerprint scans. Other biometric ATMs will be installed throughout Miami soon. Other technologies on display included badge printers, hand geometry, access control and signature verification.

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