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Security Sales & Integration’s Top 30 Technology Innovations of 2015

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razberi Surveillance Health Monitoring

What if you could know the status of your surveillance system every minute of every day and it would be all in the cloud? Sound exciting? This feat is now possible with the VyneWatch system from razberi Technologies. The razberi surveillance health monitoring system will inform you of the status of your video recording devices regardless of the VMS software you use. Not only can you review detailed information of the current operation of each device, but you can set the system to use the event of your choice to trigger SMS or E-mail alerts. With sensors covering the CPU, memory, disk subsystem, network ports and the PoE camera ports, you’ll have all the information you need to peer deep into the inner workings of the manufacturer’s ServerSwitch hardware without the need to travel to the unit. VyneWatch now comes with all new razberi systems. — Dolph

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