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SAN JOSE, Calif., and EXTON, Pa.

Hitachi Semiconductor (America) Inc. and Datastrip Inc. announce that Hitachi’s SuperH(r) RISC SH-4 processor will power Datastrip’s new two-dimensional bar-code reader and fingerprint biometric reading device, the DSVERIFY2D. Datastrip’s DSVERIFY2D is a fully integrated identity card and passport reading device. The standalone, off-line device reads and decodes bar-code and optional character recognition (OCR) data; performs “on-the-spot” one-to-one fingerprint biometric verification; and can interface with other biometric devices, including iris, facial, retinal and hand-geometry scanners. It is suited for verifying the identity of people using voter register cards, social services cards, passports, medical insurance cards and similar forms of identification.

“The Hitachi SH-4 CPU gives Datastrip an optimal mix of integration and high processing performance at a low cost,” says Gene Gerety, vice president of research and development at Datastrip. “It offers floating-point performance superior to that of many digital signal processors.”

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