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How the ‘Best’ Recruit Their Future Superstars

Recruiting quality people is always a challenge, particularly in the electronic security industry. Read how the "best" hire their future superstars and what your company can learn from them.

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The upcoming July edition of SECURITY SALES & INTEGRATION is our annual Best of the Best Issue, featuring 10 of the industry’s best-run businesses and most highly skilled installation firms. In interviewing leadership from all of these tremendous organizations, one of topics I focused on was recruiting quality people since that is always a challenge, particularly in the electronic security industry. Be sure to check out my other blog post where I ask about training these individuals once they are hired. Following is what some of them had to say when asked: How does your company evaluate and recruit new employees? What qualities are important?

Jeremy Bates, GM, Bates Security
“A + P = E, which means attitude plus performance equals employment. This core company philosophy is followed by all employees, in and out of the field. When we look for new employees, we look for the qualities we want. We are upfront with our expectations of high standards and a demanding work environment. You have to have a good attitude and work ethic and you have to do your job well. You can’t have one and not the other and be on our team for long. Every employee is drug tested before employment and randomly while employed. Each employee has a background check performed before employment. This is done to ensure the safety of our customers and our existing staff.” 

<p>HS Technology Group's 25 employees enjoy a warm, fun atmosphere that foster camaraderie and team spirit.</p>Stuart Forchheimer, President, HS Technology Group
“We are often approached by other colleagues in the field for consideration. We are always hiring, which means even if we do not have a position to fill, when we come across the right individual, we work hard to create the position. We have acquired employees through acquisitions as well as satisfied clients. When we do find the need to recruit, personality and work ethic are two of the most important qualities we look for. We learned a long time ago, it’s not the ‘weather’ that keeps people from working, it’s ‘whether’ they want to get up and be productive in the morning. It’s very hard to teach that to people.”

Mike Duffy, CEO/Owner, Per Mar Security Services
“Our company vision statement communicates how we evaluate and recruit. Our No. 1 focus is our employees and giving them the opportunities they seek. That is the high level approach that each one of us support and adhere to. The more technical part of this is we use several steps to make this occur. We have purchased a program called the Cultural Index. We profiled some of our most successful team members and created what they call a C job. This C job is actually the profile of the ‘perfect person’ for that position. Then as part of our hiring process, all applicants complete a Cultural Index as a way for us to see how close they measure to the C job we use for that position. We also have multiple interviews for each new candidate as well as making sure they pass standard background and drug testing. We utilize technology, i.e. Web sites, and internal recruiting by our local and corporate HR team. As a company, we look for hardworking, dedicated individuals that match well with our company values and believe in service above self.”

<p>Protex Central employs more than 60 people and operates from four locations.</p>

Shawn Mullen, President & Chief Energy Officer, Protex Central
“Protex Central nurtures its talent pool by developing clear job descriptions for each position. The hiring process involves the involvement of two separate interviews involving the immediate supervisor and the branch manager. Notes and comments are compared between the interviews. When a final candidate is decided upon, the candidate is asked to review a slide presentation overview of Protex Central’s Envisioned Future statement as well as its Core Purpose. Finally, a handwriting analysis is performed to confirm the personality profile of the candidate is aligned with the position under consideration.”

<p>Stanley CSS put its hiring practices to the test in 2011 by recruiting several new sales associates.</p>

Mike Bishop, VP Field Operations, Stanley CSS

“In 2011, one of our key growth initiatives included growing our workforce, specifically our sales team, with high talent, best-in-class individuals. In order to do this we centralized the hiring process by creating our own internal recruiting and staffing team to source high potential candidates. This team implemented tools and processes such as online recruiting, social media and job fairs to increase our applicant pools in all of our market areas. By putting candidates through standardized behavioral interviews and having all sales candidates go through an online assessment process to identify candidates who exhibit the traits of high performing sales associates, this team successfully hired candidates throughout North America to join Stanley Security. Even more exciting is the feedback we have received from the field leaders and training team on the new associates’ high level of energy, enthusiasm and drive to succeed. These new team members represent a wide level of sales talent from experienced security industry experts to seasoned sales professionals from other industries bringing in fresh concepts and strategies to associates who are just starting their first steps in their sales careers looking forward to a world of new opportunities and successes.”

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