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A Look at Network Monitoring and Security

Monitoring Matters columnist Peter Giacalone discusses an area of security and revenue that is often overlooked — network monitoring and security.

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In my July 2013 Monitoring Matters column, I write about an area of security and revenue that is often overlooked — network monitoring and security. Platforms exist that allow independent dealer to partner with a monitoring center and technology developer to offer these services that generate great benefit and revenue.

Offering state of the art, world-class services as this that along with the existing services a dealer offers creates additional creditability while growing revenue. These services include automated network wellness reports and dashboards that are valuable and useful to users. 

Although services as this may to great of a departure from traditional security and safety systems, it is a perfect fit for many. Many of your existing commercial customers require this level of monitoring and maintenance and may be subscribing to these services elsewhere. Our industry is in a position to offer services and solutions that solve many issues while creating new opportunities and channels for profit.

Speak to your monitoring center or software platform developers about solutions they have to offer. I think you will be surprised on what’s available and how it fits into your existing company.

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