Highlighting 3 Benefits of App-Free Live Video for Security Companies

App-free visual support cuts costs by reducing truck rolls, solves security problems faster and improves customer service.

Highlighting 3 Benefits of App-Free Live Video for Security Companies

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Home security systems have gone mainstream. The advent of technology including Ring doorbells has meant that virtually any consumer can add a layer of security to their home.

But security technology isn’t the only thing that’s evolved. Security companies have rolled out newer, easier self-service guides and tutorials for customers that want to independently set up their security system(s).

Still, easier implementations don’t cut out the need for attentive customer support. Today’s consumers might be online, but many seek out product support in the same way they have for decades: over a phone call.

That can lead to more than a few problems for physical device installations. (If you’ve ever attempted to troubleshoot a modem issue over the phone with your internet provider, you understand this pain.)

Fortunately, these problems are avoidable with app-free visual support. Here’s why – along with the three benefits you can expect to see with visual support technology:

1. Lower Costs via Fewer Truck Rolls and Product Returns

Too many customer support calls end in an on-site service dispatch (or a product return if a dispatch is not an option). And any onsite service dispatch represents an additional cost for integrators. You’re no longer just allocating funds toward your contact center function, you’re now also adding truck rolls to the mix.

These truck roll expenses add up – particularly if dispatches occur at a regular clip. Here are four types of expenses you can expect:

  1. Vehicle maintenance. This largely comes as a result of increased mileage, and thus greater wear and tear.
  2. Fuel. Fuel or energy costs (EV charging) further bloat your average cost per contact.
  3. Commute time. The longer your technicians spend in transit, helping customers, the less time they have to address other callers’ needs.
  4. Carbon footprint. Simply put, truck rolls drive carbon emissions. When you cut them back, you cut back your carbon footprint.

Product return expenses also add to shipping costs in two key ways. The first cost is through retesting the product via a quality control process often resulting in the verdict “no defect found.” The second cost comes through repackaging and restocking the item.

App-free visual support helps solve this. Rather than spending valuable time and resources on dispatches and product returns, you can connect customers with technicians over a secure video call.

From there, customers can share any particular issue with their security system setup – perhaps a faulty ethernet cable, for instance. Your technicians can then immediately see the customers’ concerns and walk through potential solutions.

Of course, if the problem can’t be fixed over a video call, then you can dispatch a technician. But, with app-free visual support, dispatching a technician becomes a “break glass in case of emergency” situation – not an ongoing one.

2. Faster Problem-Solving and Higher FCR Rates

Not every problem can be resolved over one call. But you’re making it harder on yourself when customers are forced to describe visual problems without visual support. Even the most tech-fluent customer may not know why their window sensor isn’t calibrated correctly. For that, they need you.

This is where tools like AR-powered video prove their worth. Instead of attempting to verbally, for instance, walk through window sensor setups, your agents can connect with customers over a live video feed.

Once connected, agents can highlight areas of interest on the screen (draw arrows pointing to reset buttons, circle open wire ports, etc.) for the customer. The result: customers more easily see potential issues and address them with experts on the line.

Now you might be thinking: this sounds like it takes longer than a simple phone call. And that may be true in some cases. But the calculus isn’t that simple.

Let’s say a customer calls an agent over the phone. After a couple minutes, the agent realizes that because they can’t see the problem, they can’t solve the problem. They send a technician to the home. That dispatch process takes over two hours.

Yes, the phone call was shorter, but the amount of time you spent solving the problem increased exponentially. Contrast that with, say, a 15-minute video call that resolves the issue, and it’s clear which plan takes less time and expends fewer resources.

3. Greater Customer Loyalty

Today, customer experience is king, and brand loyalty is harder to gain than ever. We’re in the age of personalization and same-day shipping, after all. Customers want detailed answers to their questions – in minutes. You can fulfill that expectation with app-free visual support technology.

No one looks forward to scheduling a dispatch. It takes time and forces the customer to plan their day around a multi-hour window. To be clear, sometimes dispatches are necessary. But because app-free visual support offers a more accurate way of troubleshooting security systems, there’s a greater chance you’ll be able to (A) avoid dispatching technicians and (B) solve customer issues shortly after they arise.

Plus, app-free visual support means your customers don’t need to spend time downloading an app that will take up space on their phone. (This app-free interface also appeals to customers with limited tech expertise who might have difficulty navigating app stores.)

Point being: a simple interface that helps customers solve problems quickly will also help your security company gain an edge over competitors, cultivate customer loyalty, and, ultimately, gain repeat customers.

See the Difference You Make in Customers’ Lives

For decades, customer support has been largely confined to phone calls and emails. The former offers real-time troubleshooting but lacks visual support. The latter offers a visual component (like the ability to attach images) but lacks real-time troubleshooting. Both channels have their place. But they can’t be the extent of customer support.

Today’s consumers need a more dynamic, more intuitive option. That’s where app-free visual support software comes in. It lets your customers connect with you, hassle free, in seconds. It lets your agents pinpoint issues they’re seeing in real time. It lets your security company provide next-level care to your customers.

Rama Sreenivasan is co-founder and CEO at Blitzz.

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