MONI to Rebrand as Brink’s Home Security

Less than two years after rebranding, MONI has entered an exclusive trademark licensing agreement with The Brink’s Co.

MONI to Rebrand as Brink’s Home Security

RICHMOND, Va. — After rebranding from Monitronics to MONI less than two years ago, the company announces it has entered an exclusive trademark licensing agreement with The Brink’s Co. (NYSE:BCO).

Under terms of the agreement, the subsidiary of Ascent Capital Group (NASDAQ: ASCMA) will have exclusive use of all Brink’s trademarks related to the residential smart home and home security categories in the U.S and Canada, and Brink’s will receive minimum and growth-based royalties that will increase over time as the Brink’s Home Security brand is reintroduced.

Brink’s President and CEO Doug Pertz says,  “For over 150 years, the Brink’s name has been synonymous with trust, safety and security.  This agreement represents an exciting milestone that provides a foundation for us to further leverage an already powerful brand.  With approximately one million subscribers, MONI is one of the largest and most reputable home security companies in the U.S.  We look forward to helping them accelerate their growth as the new Brink’s Home Security.  Our shareholders will benefit from the reintroduction of the Brink’s brand into this segment through increased brand equity and recurring royalty income.”

First-year royalties are expected to total approximately $5 million and could more than double if the business grows as planned.  The agreement provides for an initial term of seven years and allows for subsequent renewal periods, subject to certain performance metrics, that extend the agreement beyond 20 years.  The rollout of the Brink’s Home Security brand, which will result in a complete rebranding of MONI, is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2018, according to an announcement.

Jeff Gardner, MONI’s president and CEO says, “A strong brand is critical in the new era of the smart home.  Through this agreement with Brink’s, we will go to market with the number two  nationally recognized home security brand that symbolizes strength, security and most importantly, trust. The Brink’s name provides us with a more dynamic growth profile and strengthens MONI’s position as a leader in the growing smart home security market. This is truly an exciting opportunity for our employees, customers, dealers and investors.”

SSI reached out to monitoring expert and SSI Columnist Peter Giacalone to get his reaction to the announcement. Giacalone says he was surprised but believes it could be beneficial for MONI due to the recognition of the Brink’s name. “It’s a brand that resonated well when they were in the business.  I believe it will open up some significant opportunities for MONI from a marketing and sales perspective. May even become a strong tie in for their DIY business.”

When asked why Monitronics pulled the plug on MONI so fast, he says, “I would think it was more of moving on an opportunity.  The MONI brand really had no great impact or history.  It was a good thought at the time, but pales in comparison to resurrecting the Brink’s brand.  I am a strong advocate of branding.  I was both a licensee of Smith and Wesson and later in years a consultant for Smith and Wesson when we brought the brand back to security.  This I believe is even a better use of a license arrangement.”

During a Q2 earnings call last year, Gardner said the company was on track to end 2017 with the highest percent of customers under an extended contract in the last three years. However, the company had to contend with a rising attrition rate.

It said it wanted to create “stickier” customers with new interactive services. For example, customers who subscribe to the company’s HomeTouch smart home services are proving to be more engaged and exhibit better attrition characteristics. It will be interesting to see how or if MONI’s offerings will change after the rebrand.

In 2008, Brink’s spun-off its home security division into what would eventually become Broadview Security. That was then acquired by Tyco Int’l for $2 billion in 2010 and then folded into ADT’s operations.

Anna Sliwon, research analyst at IHS Markit, tells SSI how the return of Brink’s may affect the market:

Brink’s Security, since its establishment in 1983 managed to become over the next 25 years a household name, capable of competing with ADT. In 2010 it had around 1.3 million subscribers which put it at a similar level to where MONI is now. When it was acquired by ADT in 2010, it helped solidify ADT’s number one position on the American home security and monitoring market. Even though Brink’s Security was then rebranded to Broadview, the sentiment of a familiar household brand still lingered on.

If the profit and growth plans expected from the licensing agreement realise, MONI will be able to compete with ADT on a better level. This may lead to price competition, which could improve overall residential market penetration in monitoring services. However, MONI finds itself increasingly competing against non-traditional entrants to the home security market such as Comcast, Time Warner and AT&T whose exposure to potential customers is enormous, and will present challenges of its own.

Sliwon also points out that the rebrand can essentially be seen as a less expensive form of marketing.

“The American public is very familiar with the ADT family of products which makes further market penetration difficult, without massive media and direct marketing efforts, which can be very expensive,” she says. “Rebranding to Brink’s can be seen as a practical decision that will allow MONI to capitalize on end users’ familiarity with Brink’s products and services, while allowing to continue their business’ positive results.”

SSI Senior Editor Rodney Bosch recently spoke to MONI’s president and CEO Jeff Gardner about how the deal went down. You can read all about it here.

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49 Responses to “MONI to Rebrand as Brink’s Home Security”

  1. […] Sales & Integration reported that after rebranding from Monitronics to MONI less than two years ago, MONI became the exclusive licensee of the Brink’s Home Security […]

  2. Stephane Paquet says:

    But a saw some ads who said Brinks Security as now know has Broadview Security?

    • Russell Lalonde says:

      The monitored residential security platform is quickly becoming a dinosaur and it threatens to fail if there is not something new very soon that will make customers keep paying that monthly fee. This new generation is not opposed to wireless, mounting their own equipment, and having their security system notify their personal electronic devices instead of using a central station service based platform. With the advent of Apple’s Smart Home, Samsung’s Smartthings, and similar players that provide the smart device service control at no charge, we will see the transition very soon through attrition. These companies that rely on residential only revenue may be gone sooner than expected or gobbled up by the major players like ADT, and with that minimizing of options and not being able to get away from a company you have had a bad experience with, will push customer quicker into this new platform.

  3. Ding Decena says:

    Monitronics has the poorest customer service. How will this rebranding affect us paying customers who are not happy with moni and can not get out of thier shady contract?

  4. Brenda says:

    Interesting, I have not had a problem with Moni and I have been with them over seven years.

  5. Gerald Brown says:

    I have not had a problem with Mini and also have been with them 7 yrs.

  6. Maria Diaz says:

    I have been a customer of Moni for many, many years and I’ve never had a problem.

  7. John McIntyre says:

    will Brinks change yard sign, door stickers on Moni customers?how will this change impact customer?

  8. I have been trying to get a billing problem resolved for 2 months now, They admitted it was there error and assured me that it was fixed. I no longer have Moni service but the billing issues continue to this day. I am on hold now waiting to talk to a representative and have been for 45 minutes now.
    My advice is to stay away from these guys and there new Brinks name. It’s the same inefficient organization and there are other efficient security companies who will be a much better choice.

  9. Bob says:

    Moni has always been responsive when I needed to call for anything. Called just now after they sold out to Brinks, and have been on hold for over 8 minutes to talk to the new “Brinks”. This sucks!

  10. Bob says:

    Still on hold after 24 minutes with Brinks: The recoded message says “Currently all of our team member are assisting other customers”.

    This is the WORST customer service I’ve ever encountered. I signed on with Monitronics because they were good. Brinks purchased them and now what???? 25 minutes on hold??? WTF???????????????????????

  11. Yourdaddy says:

    You people claiming there are all of a sudden long wait times are idiots. BRINKS did not buy Moni. BRINKS licensed the name to Moni. That means it’s the same company it was a couple days ago with a fancy new website, logo and likely higher rates in the future to cover the royalty payments. Idiots. Idiots.

  12. Barbra says:

    I just renewed with Moni and no one advised me that they were in the process of changing. I am upset that I wasn’t told so I could have the option of changing.

  13. audrey o. daniels says:

    I was not informed that MONI was changing to Brink. Why?

  14. Robert Lind says:

    I canceled my service with Monotronics on July 26 2015 to my surprise they are still deducting from my checking account ,more than I was paying before I believe that they owe me a refund
    My contract with them ended before I called and canceled the account I haven’t had a landline since then so how can they monitor my home
    Any ideas

  15. Contract Reader says:

    Review the terms of your contract and if it automatically renewed and if your termination was required to be in writing. It amazes me how many people do not read what they sign.

  16. Yvonne Siber says:

    As others have mentioned, we never received notification of this rebranding; I just happened to notice the increased charge to our bank account.
    On another note, since we have rarely used the monitoring service (someone is always home), would it be possible for someone at Brinks be able to assist us with the activation code that we can’t remember?

  17. Scott says:

    Another negative review and what will come of it ….nothing. According to the spokeswoman that I spoke with on June 21st 2018 there is nothing that can be done ” at this time ” to reduce my monthly rate. It went from $25.99 per month to $ 48.36 per month. I should change my name so I can double my monthly fee. Customer service has gone to the hounds under the name of Brinks. I am regretting ever getting into a service contract with MONI and cant wait for my contract to end in 2019. What frightens me is what will happen in the next 15 months.

  18. Damaska Darce says:


  19. Alberta Mayfield says:


  20. Angela McMillan says:

    My name is Angela McMillan I have been with Moni for at least 10 years. I have been trying to get ahold of someone tonight , because my alarm will not set. So I have to go to sleep without setting my alarm. I cannot reach anyone. Can’t set alarm so I could make it go off so I could get a call.

  21. Donald Guy says:

    Someone Has Stolen my key fob, And I cannot get ahold of a live person, what good is it to have home security system if no one wants to answer you !

  22. Well hear we go, I was tricked into Mono by a realgood salesman about 5 years ago and today as I was looking at my accounts and find a deal called (Brinks Home Sec Alarm Svc and a$ 42.96 charge
    listed as this months payment). Thats a $2.+ increase to my bill with no report of them doing this. I called the Brinks number and talked to a verynice young lady that told me there was no record of my account or my being a member of there accounts. So I guess we are up to monitronics as being a non regulated co that can play games with another Players.. Ed Nelson, still looking for info!!!

  23. Jo says:

    Would like for brinks to send home owners signs this change was very abruptly

  24. Terry Holladay says:

    My contract had expired with Teamtronics. But received letter from Moni. But did not know it was from Moni had Teamtronics on it. They changed out my panel to upgrade and changed the service to Brinks with a verbal for 60 months because thought Moni was the same as Teamtronics. No one notified us that the name was changed. now locked in for 60 months. Not happy. Asked for sign for yard over a month ago have not received it yet. Told them they should not do what they have done to Senior citizens on fixed income. Shame on them. They don’t care. But I have to use them. If I break the verbal have to pay out. You don’t want to know what I think.
    Terry Holladay

  25. Thundamama says:

    We were never Never notified that it changed to Brinks. We never had a problem with Monitronics aka MONI. We do have a problem with Brinks. Their customer service has NO idea what they are doing and they only work with 3rd parties who will contact you 24-48 hours after there is an issue to setup an appt. What???

  26. Brian scott says:

    Monitronics is a scam company. I had guardian protection services for 5 years with only 2 years left on my contract when moni bought out my contract and called me. Per them they had to come out and set the system onto their network. Technician came out and told me to sign the box on his tablet, just a signature page, to show that I authorized him being on the property to do the switch. Little did I know I was signing a 5 year extension to my contract. Now i sold the home and wanted to just pay off my remaining 2 years just to find this out. If this is how you have to secure business then your are a scam and a bottom feeding company. I hope someone high up reads these because you can pay my funeral bill before I will pay you a dime.

  27. Sharon Brooks says:

    I had no problem with Montronics/ Moni, now Brinks took over and I cannot get No One to responds to my calls regarding my alarm nor camera. What is this about? I didn’t get an letter stating that say that Brinks was taking over at all. When I call for my alarm I stayed on the phone appropriately two hours an still no response. Being safe is the problem, you have senior citizens that rely on you to, however no one will not call them back either. This is really mess up.

  28. Josephine banks says:

    I have a five year contract with monitronic they have been going up on my bill which it said my bill would remain 49.99 for the life of the contract I have tryed to solve this but nothing happen they have breached the contract over and over I am tire of trying you people can have your alarm I will tell anybody not to get your alarm your business sucks unhappy customer.

  29. My happy with Brinks have system installed in new home January 2018 and starting last month the panel kept beeping I called and was told Verizon was my provider and the signal was being lost. Now this has happened 4 times, sending a tech out but I have to pay $30 there should be a warranty. Leaving as soon as my time is up.

  30. L Thomas says:

    If you live in Canada you’ll have to pay fees, taxes etc for duty for a new sign. If you call them you’ll get lies & BS about how they paid the shipping & if you want to dispute it you’ll have to do it yourself through the shipping company. Very very poor customer service. I hope that call was recorded & someone actually listens to it.

  31. Tim says:

    Changing the name to Brinks will do nothing more than denigrate the Brinks name and former reputation for outstanding customer service. Monitronics is well known within the industry to have the worst customer service in the low voltage community. With all the options Brinks could have had after emerging from its non compete following the Tyco purchase, it baffles me that they would throw it all away to be squandered by a joke of a company like Monitronics. But, hey, rebranding worked for the criminals from Utah now known as Vivant.

  32. Bryan Hays says:

    If any of you unsatisfied customers would like to go in together on a class action law suit against Moni or Brinks please hit me up on my email I to am having problems with Moni or Brinks who ever the scam artist are I have not been able to use my system for almost 3 years they even came out changed a sensor and it still don’t work but they want me to keep paying for something that cannot be used so you tell me who’s ******* WHO here don’t know how Brinks ever put their name on this crap but they are going down hill so fast their brakes are smoking.

  33. Janice Hurdiss says:

    Need to contact Tech Support – Replaced battery & now remote doesn’t work . It will ARM – but will not DISARM. H E L P

  34. john sasker says:

    I have had nothing but problems with monotronics. It started from day 1 when they got the money up front and then ran off without finishing the install! Now I am getting phone calls several times per day which is completely out of line(harassment). I will take this to court. I bought ADT for my parents and would say they are far better in every way. Brinks bought a bogus contract from moni and thinks they can pressure me into paying. BRING IT ON!

  35. laure M Kolody says:

    BEWARE OF THIS UNETHICAL COMPANY….BRINKS!!! No notice that a change was happening, the monthly rates went up $10.00 from what my contract CLEARLY states is a 60 month payment plan. Stuck in a contract that I never signed with Brinks. Monotronics is not any better! I was told that I should go to my online account for updates. Assumed that I had an online account. I don’t and do not plan on opening one. I want communication via regular mail through USPS.
    GET YOUR MAGNIFYING GLASS OUT IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON SIGNING WITH THIS COMPANY. The print is so small you can’t read it. Trust that the company always slants to their advantage.


  36. B Passehl says:

    November 1, 2018,,,,, Two guys from Brinks came to my door and started telling me Brinks is back and would like to have my business in the home security field,, I have an ADT sign in my front yard, which use to Broadview and before that was Brinks,, I am a die hard customer, once a customer always a customer. They never told me about Moni buying the Brinks name,, no contract was sign and they were concern I wanted to check this,,,,, I would go back to Brinks in a blink of an eye if I knew it was a Brinks Home Security System, BUT NOT LIKE THIS,,,,,,,,,, I Thank Everybody For Their Posts

  37. Myron O Rogers says:

    We recieved notice that Brinks had purchased Monitronics and that Brinks would be billing us from that point forward. No problem with that it’s just business. We had originally purchased the service through a company called Alliance Security Inc. We haven’t heard anything from alliance but a company by the name of Safe Home started trying to hit our bank account using an old card number. Even though we pay Brinks every month for this service Safe Home keeps making threatening harassment calls about their billing. Brinks is not aware of any affiliations with safe home. This is being reported against our credit and is starting to cause problems. Any ideas about how to stop the threatening behavior? We have had a couple of alarm incidents and it was Brinks who contacted us not Safe Home.

  38. Christine says:

    I was with MoniTronics and cancelled my subscription when I moved out of state. I was getting automatic withdrawals from my bank account from Brinks and did not know why. They signed us up for a contract with out our consent and were illegally taking money from our bank account. I currently have a case Open with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office to hold them accountable. I was never notified of this rebranding scheme and never renewed our contract. What they are doing is against consumer laws and deceptive trade practices. I urge people who have been wronged by this company to contact your local agencies and hold them accountable.

  39. Gwendolyn Bell says:

    If a lawsuit can be initiated please include me. I am going to cancel as soon as possible.

  40. Devkirn Khalsa says:

    I have been scammed by Brink’s. They claim i agreed to two contracts and I did neither. I have sold the house and they are trying to hit me up for 19 months they claim are remaining. I have not agreed and stopped all payment to them. They claim I agreed, they are like a wall. I am sure this is how they make their money. Never let Brink’s come to your house, they will scam you. I am open to joining a class action suit. I am sure there are many people who will join.w

  41. I have had my alarm system for over 20 years. Monitronics, then Moni now Brinks. I called them 4 months ago and told them I wanted to cancel because I could no longer afford it due to I am elderly and on a fixed income. They informed me it would be cancelled. for the past 3 months they have been drafting my checking account. I have called them repeately but they wont stop it.I haven’t had my alarm system activated for about 6 months.I am tired of calling them only to have them lie to me..Please tell me what I can do to stop this

  42. Robert Scott says:

    How do we form a class action lawsuit?

  43. Patti Godfrey Flintstone Ga says:

    Same situation – contract with Monitronics which changed to Moni then “rebranded” and billed with Brink – end of December sales rep comes to door and says ADT has bought Brink – all current customers get a complete upgrade to the top of the line security – old contract is void because it was originally with Monitronics not Brink – new contract with ADT – receiving letters from Brink saying I owe the remainder of “my contract” because they only changed company names – contract is through July on two different properties – I have called Brink several times and an told accounts have been cancelled but they’re still withdrawing from bank account – ugghh

  44. Steve says:

    Brinks home security system is a joke ever since they took over from monitronics they lie they don’t keep her promises. I will be dropping them and going with someone else

  45. Steve says:

    They are a joke.they lie and don’t keep promises. Every body needs to drop them and go with someone else

  46. erika hubbs says:

    This is awful. Was just charged $150 for a technician (that NEVER came) and equipment (that was NEVER delivered). They also renewed our contract without our permission. They practice scam tactics. They keep you on hold for long periods of time in the hopes that you will hang up. They renew without your permission, then make it impossible to get out.

  47. James Easton says:

    I was the caregiver (James Easton) to handicapped elderly gentlemen, Kenneth Blekicki 14 years. Mr. Blekicki passed away May 18th 2019.

    Ken Blekicki account and home where the alarm system resides is 560 Abbeyville Road Lancaster, PA. 17603. (pass code studio4ver)

    All payments and correspondence on this account were made between Kenneth Blekicki and Brinks. 

    Ken, had my name (his caretaker James Easton) on his account so I could receive phone message for him on fire and police call emergencies. As I stated he was a handicapped elderly man. 

    I contacted Brinks to let them know of Kenneth’s passing and that he would no longer need his account. I was informed by Brinks: that since Ken named me in on his account that I would owe his remaining 4 year contract. 

    Please note the home is being sold, his credit card has been placed on notice, to stop all payments. If you would please check all email from Brinks, was sent to Kenneth Blekicki all payments were by Ken’s Visa credit card.
    Please be advised that I am in contact with an attorney Vickey Bently. Please take me off his account.

    I’m sending you this email on Kens computer, where you always send All the Brinks alarm notices.
     If you would like a copy of Mr. Blekicki’s Death Certificate, please let me know.

    James Easton

    This is a monitoring message from Brinks Home Security. If this notification wasn’t useful, click the feedback link to adjust your preferences. Feedback can be provided at

    Feel safer with Brinks Home Security. Because you are.

    Trust Brinks Home Security, where every moment matters.

    Ref: M19025489221 – 2018534

  48. G. Walls says:

    My contract with Monotronics started 7-31-2015 and Brinks took control of Monotronics couple of years ago .

    Then the problems started, I tried to cancel the contract and they asked me for my code that always worked with Monotronics and was told wrong code, that is BS. the code is on the contract I had with Monotronics. Talked to some Red Dot Indian that did not have command of the English Language and got the run around .I have constantly mailed and e- mail them to try and cancel the contract with no satisfaction . The Idiots say may contract expires – 2026… I never signed any contract with Brinks and don`t feel I owe them a cancelation fee.They don`t have my signature on a contract I asked them to send me a copy and months later no copy.
    I have reported them to the FTC and my states Attorney General also the BBB.They have put a bad report on my credit and say they are going to send the account to collectins I look forward to seeing their jack leg Attorney in court.

    I disconected their crap and took it to the garbage can .

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